Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day


It's finally Christmas day! Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful day! We had a wonderful dinner last night with my parents! It was so yummy. I have some pictures, but I didn't bring anything to hook my camera up to the computer, so I won't be able to post them. I am soooo excited to have internet out here in the country:) It's just awesome  (grin). We've just been enjoying a wonderful time out here..Our house construction is going so well. Alex has been working really hard on it, and We're just getting so excited about it! I cannot wait to be in my house! Hopefully in the next couple of months, we will be in it! Oh, have I mentioned I cannot wait?!?! It's just so exciting to have a house built just the way I want it to be....I am spoiled :) I do have pictures of the construction too, but I will have to post it some other time.
    Country life is....different, but I am loving it! It's just so calm and very quiet out here. Josh and I have enjoyed swimming...yes...swimming! It's in the 90's here people :) Josh loves being in the water. He will squeal and laugh in delight when we go swimming in the water times! I love watching the sunsets here, it's too beautiful for words...just so relaxing. I really needed this break. The city  and the people there was stressing me out. For some reason, I am just tired of rude people, and noise, and am just living the life out's wonderful! 
 Anyways, going back to our Christmas Eve, we opened gifts last night. It was so fun to see Josh opening his first Christmas gifts ( I have pictures of that too) ...we're really enjoying this first Christmas with our little prince...he's the best Christmas gift ever! I am so thankful for him! 
 Plans for today, are to have a big churrasco here. Some people from church are coming and we're just going to enjoy a relaxed day of fellowshipping with them! I am really looking forward to it! 
 Hope you all enjoy your Christmas day! 

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