Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my best friend.....

I want to wish a very happy Birthday to the most amazing man I know! 
I love you, Alex! I thank the Lord for allowing me to be your wife! You are the sweetest, most loving, most tender-hearted, hardworking, kind man I know and I love you more every day! Thank-you for loving me, for providing for our family, for being my friend, lover, protector, my rock. Thank-you for your patience with me. I admire you, I admire your faithfulness to God and to your family. I admire your strength in times of trouble, your ability to forgive easily, your ability to make me laugh, even when things aren't exactly funny! I admire the way you love our little boy, how to are always eager to help me out with him, how you are such an amazing daddy to him! I love you, Alex! 
Happy 25th Birthday, my love!

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O Schrock said...

Happy Birthday, Alex!