Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Church decoration...

My mom and I decorated our church a little for Christmas. We made the flower arrangements pictured below. We had a lot of fun putting these together, and I just thought I'd post a couple of pictures!

How do you like our little palm tree with poinsettias around?!?! Very Christmasy, huh?!?!

Can you tell I am excited for Christmas? Our church choir is working on a special cantata and program for Sunday the 19th, so we're busy trying to get things ready for that. I am supposed to memorize a passage of scripture, but I still haven't even begun! 

 What can I say? My life has just been crazy lately! Having two sick people around is a lot of work! I am just praying I don't feel sick...that would be catastrophic for sure. I have lots of laundry to catch up on, hopefully later tonight and tomorrow morning? My list is long. (Sigh)  

* Oh life! When wilt thou slow down?!?! I only have one kid, I don't know how you busy mommies of multiples make it! Congratulations and Merry Christmas, I admire you! 

Well, enough rambling. I need to get focused... I keep saying that to myself several times a day...focus, Jessica, just focus!

Wow, this post is just sooooo


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