Monday, January 3, 2011

Anyone else tired?!?!

So, it's a new year, but I really don't feel like anything is new, expect for the new pages and numbers on my calendar.

Oh why am I so tired?!?!

Seriously, it was ridiculously hard to get out of bed this morning! The little prince woke up at an ungodly hour today, so after playing and jabbering for about 40 minutes in his crib, he finally went back to sleep!

I am so glad I ignored him ...I know, I know, that sounds just terrible.

I think I am suffering from the sugar high and calorie high last couple of weeks. I definitely need to go on a diet soon. No kidding! I feel like a stuffed turkey, ready to be eaten at Thanksgiving ;) I really want to go on a diet and also go jogging at least 3 time a week. That's one of my new year's resolution...yeah, I know, those are made to be broken, but oh well, I at least have to try !!!! So many things I want to do, but oh energy where art though?!?!

Anyways, hubby went back to work today, after 3 weeks off. It's hard to adjust back to not having him around. The little guy is missing his daddy today, but we're having oddles of fun together...he's being so funny today, he will jabber for hours and it seems like he is actually trying to tell me stories. I am so glad he's happy, sure makes it easier for the exhausted mommy here! Seriously, am I the only mommy out there who gets totally worn out?!?! I sure feel like it sometimes...but I am so thankful for this wonderful privilege that is mine. Wouldn't change it for the world...even in the harder days!  It's just an amazing thing...motherhood is! It's fun and challenging, but oh, so sweet and rewarding!

You should see my house today...I have loads of laundry to do...loads and loads...literally... sooo I am off to get things organized and catch up on my laundry. Wish me luck!

                                                           Happy Monday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

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