Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Saturday??? Already???

It's Saturday...unbelievable.

Where has the week gone??? We enjoyed such a nice week. We had nice weather this week. It got down to the 60's, and was so nice for a change! Yes, you can be jealous :)

This week was mostly a relaxing and catching up week...I'm so thankful for God's grace through the many trials we face! His grace is amazing!!

I got all caught up on my laundry! Hurrah!!!

We got our shopping done this week that is another blessing! The prince thinks shopping is quite boring. He decided to take a nap during our shopping trip. How he can actually sleep through a loud supermarket is beyond me!
So. after this week's sabbatical, I hope to return to normal life ;)
How was your week been?!?!
Hope you all have a amazing weekend,

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